Fashion and the trends to watch essay

The victories of a number of Indian beauty queens in International events such as the Miss World and Miss Universe contests have also made Indian models recognised worldwide.

This way, everyone would appreciate him as a passionate trend setter when it comes to the automobile industry. Also, the adoption of khadi by Mahatma Gandhi made khadi garments a rage among women. A business client could also award such an individual a contract simply because he likes the way he dresses.

During s, the advent of art colleges and schools led to popularity of narrow waist and balloon skirts with bouncing patterns. Fashion in India, a land rich in culture and tradition, has evolved through the centuries. For instance, a person who considers himself as a German automobile enthusiast could buy every new model of his favourite Mercedes Benz vehicle.

Traditional costumes in India vary widely depending on the climate and natural fibres grown in a region. While traditional clothes are still worn in most of rural India, urban India is changing rapidly, with international fashion trends reflected by the young and glamorous, in the cosmopolitan metros of India.

Essay on Fashion

This fusion of fashion can be seen Fashion in India is also beginning to make its mark on the international scene, as accessories such as bindis red dots worn on the foreheadmehendi designs made by applying henna to the palms of the hands and other parts of the body and bangles, have gained international popularity, after being worn by fashion icons, like the pop singers Madonna and Gwen Stefani.

Fashion trends also get influenced from Bollywood as well as Hollywood. Men commonly wear western wear such as shirts and trousers across India. In the tropical warmth of south India, men wear a sarong like garment called the mundu, while women drape 5 metres of cloth around their bodies in the graceful folds of the saree.

Influenced by ideas of several foreign designers, new design and pattern were introduced into garments. In India, fashion has become a growing industry with international events such as the India Fashion Week and annual shows by fashion designers in the major cities of India.

Comparing the past and the present, fashion for people in India has changed over the decades. By following fashion trends, an individual is able to show his identity to his peers and also express oneself. The people who follow current fashion trends do so as a way of expressing themselves, personal preferences and sense of style.

In the dry regions of Rajasthan and Gujarat men wrap and twist a length of cloth in the form of a dhoti around their lower limbs and a shirt-like kurta above. In the s, the sweeping changes in fashion and lifestyle resulted in highly versatile fashion trends. During s and 90s, the advent of television and other advertising means gave a new edge to the Indian fashion scene.

Men wear kurtas and pajamas, or a sherwani for formal wear. At an interview stage, this could sway the interviewers your way by simply impressing them with the way you dress. Fashion not only highlights the social history and the needs of person but also the overall cultural aesthetic of the various periods.

The revival of ethnicity was also witnessed in these decades. The foundation of the Indian cinema also proved to be the strongest influence on revolutionising the fashion scene in those days.Five Big Business Trends to Watch in This essay was originally published in CEO Daily, Fortune’s morning newsletter for must-read business news.

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The Spring 2018 Fashion Trends To Watch For, According To Pinterest

Fashion Trends in the Fifties - Fashion Trends in the Fifties “It was different in the USA, where wartime restrictions had been quickly removed, and where the new ‘consumer society’ was forging ahead – helped by new developments such as the start of the credit card system in Fashion and the trends to watch Essay by kellina7, University, Bachelor's, A- April download word file, 3 pages download word file, 3 pages 51 votes 1 reviews/5(1).

Fashion is being who you are. For most teens, image is important. Despite the provocativeness of much of today's fashion, it is possible for teen's to dress appropriately while keeping up with the latest trends.

In 's the latest fashion trends included, disco look, tie dye shirt, and fringe.

Why Do People Follow Fashion Trends?

Fashion is also a pop culture manifestation of the intellectual and cultural trend of postmodernism. Fashion depends on newness; summer, fall, winter, spring are seasons that occur inexorably each year, and with them, the demand for new fashion lines.

Feb 20,  · Below are the 12 spring fashion trends to watch for this year: 1 Satin. HuffPost. Suggest a correction.

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Fashion and the trends to watch essay
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